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We are dedicated to raising and promoting the gaited Mountain Horses of Kentucky. The Mountain horses are a gentle natured breed and love to be with people. They offer a smooth natural gait, are sure footed and have excellent feet. The trainers find them intelligent, willing and easy to train. The Mountain Horses come in a variety of solid colors, which include black, bay, buckskin, palominos, perlino, cremelo, sorrels, as well as the more unique colors greys, roans, silver buckskins, red chocolate, chocolate, champagnes and grullas. Our Mountain horses are registered in at least one of the associations, some are registered in all four associations. Kentucky Mountain KMSHA – Rocky Mountain RMHA – Mountain Pleasure MPHA – American Gaited Mountain Horse AGMHA

Our foals are available for sale, we also offer young horses in various ages and stages of training as well as under saddle horses. If we don’t have what you are looking for we can contact several of our Mountain Horse friends, which are quality breeders throughout Canada and the United States, a search for your “Dream Horse” will begin!

We believe in keeping things as natural as possible, and implementing a solid foundation into all our horses. We offer a friendly, gaited community of support, education and training. In the future, we plan to offer great activities including clinics, camping and “Gaited get togethers” BBQ’s and trail rides, hope to see you here!

We are located at Warburg, Alberta – 1.5 hrs south west of Edmonton, Alberta

We welcome farm visits!

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